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Hello All................I have purchased three vintage lamps from ebay this summer and all have arrived with cloudy liquid.It's almost a sickening feeling to unwrap a lamp that has survived thirty plus years and find it in this very unfavorable condition. I am considering purchasing one of the ceramic water filters mentioned in past discussions but have a question to anyone who has used one.If I use the filter on my lamps with colored liquid will I end up with clear liquid?

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Thanks Baby...............Looks like I'm going to purchase one
Thanks for the info Bohdan....................I have a few other lamps that are cloudy( 2 enchantress planters and 1 elegant ) also,It would be great if I could clear them up and be able to display them also. Joe
Where can I get one of these filters?
Has anyone tried a water filter pitcher to pour cloudy fluid thru to clear it? it certainly would be a real cheap and easy way to do it if it works.J bnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn;[gvpgijctyrdgg I have a brand new baby kitter who likes to type. Named him Goober. The Lava's fascinate him. I knew a Goober was coming into my life the other night and here he is.

Whatcha say? Anyone ever try using a water filter pitcher to clear a cloudy lamp?

Hmmm, really? My water has seeable lime in it from the mountain run down to the river deep well and the pitcher filter gets the lime out with virtually no fluid loss.

I'm not understanding the basis of your concern but then I have no basis other than my water experience.

'splain it to me Ricky.

Hmmmm. I have a PUR and change the filters frequently when the beginning flow begins to slow. I guess if I left a filter on it would clog and hold water. I can't let my filters get there due to the lime, the stuff is tiny noseeem rock particles. Given the opportunity and collected quanity it can get liquid cementy

I'm definitely going to try it. I have 5 Purple/yellow Grandes, (story for another time the last 4 were too cheap to pass up), all cloudy.
I know pump filtering is simple, that's not the point at Oxymora. I'm lazy and proud of it. I do lazy quite well. It's about having to deal with all the stuff. I like the idea of a pitcher and pop in/out filters. No muss no fuss.

Ike is looking to take a big hunk out o my life starting sometime in the next few days so it may be a while before I can do it. You'll have to do the experiment for us both on the short term on a small bottle and share the results. When I have life time again I'll share how many filters I have to go thru to clear a Grande. For someone who won't be messing much with filtering it may be the way to go . I can already see it would not work for Yourself or the Other Masters as you need to filter lotso lamps and the cost of dozens of filters would not be cost effective.

=]]==t6 Goober loves to type.

oint. For me it's about having to deal with the whole machine thing. The pitcher would be \
I'm almost speechless by this transformation. My blue/white Grande is just as milky/cloudy/incredibly frustrating to look at as yours was. I cannot believe how crystal clear you got it!! Amazing.
This filtering idea is just genius and thank you to whoever originally thought of doing it. I know other people have said they've cleared cloudy globes through running them in certain cycles and whatnot but nothing I did ever worked at all for any cloudy globe I've had.

I'm so ridiculously excited about this flltering and can't wait to try it on my blue/white cloudy as milk incredibly crappy lookin Grande that I never use and wasted an insane $200 on several years ago.
I'm not as excited about having to buy the filter pump now though... but it'll be worth it! :O)
I really need one of these filter pumps as i have quite a few cloudy lamps. i wonder if i can get one here in the uk?
I know what you mean. to open the box then see a cloudy lamp.


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