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Now that lava world has a new owner, and hopefully someone serious, do you expect a change in how the world see lava lamps? In my opinon lava lamps couldn't get more unfashionable than they are right now. Which of course works in our advantage as you can make such bargains when buying used lamps. The reason for this I think is that when lava lamps are featured in movies (and I see them all the time) it is always in the home of "white trash" or even more likely a drug addict. My guess is that Lava world spent as little as possible on product placement, maybe the new owners will see to that lamps are featured in "hip homes".

And to make you understand how effective this really is I have this example; I am a person who could not be less interested in cars, but lately I found this strange urge to buy a Mustang. Well it turned out Mustang spend more money than anyone on product placement, so there you have it.

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white trash? i would only think people with the china crap are like that but the drug addicts! i gotta tell you man they are so good to look at when high! ha!!
Good point Orbitz,

I think both Lava World (Lite) and Mathmos could do with producing a new and spectacular series of lava and even glitter lamps in the same bracket as the Lunar/Princess/Imperial.(Not Colossus though, too big?). This could help give a more 'up-market' image to lava lamps which we all know they deserve. I for one would be up for purchasing a more high-end product that they could produce in the future.
I am positive the tide will turn eventually, good design will always swing back. The problem here in Sweden is that Mathmos hasn't been available in stores for a number of years so all people see are badly designed lamps that lacks the flow of the original. No wonder people find them in poor taste.
Im excited by the new "lavaworld" saying they may bring back limited U.S. manufacturing operations. It would be cool to be able to get refills on older models and replacement parts. They could sell bases, Centurys, Aristos, 32oz in the original 3 colors, do some custom swirls again, limited color editions, chrome, bright gold etc., caps ( screw on caps are coming to mind.. ;) hint hint : ). Some cool glitter releases, how about colored glitter in clear liquid....red, gold, black etc. glitter in clear :). Basically whatever they make in the U.S. I would buy. Im really hopeful they pull this off right.

Just watched an episode of the cult series "Undeclared"; Will Ferrel plays a guy who is not all together, living in a dump, and yes, he's a drug addict. He shows good taste in lamps though, as I think it is a Midnight with green lava and blue liquid that is running 24/7 in the background. :-)
yeah lamphead where did you hear that that MAY bring back limited U.S. manufacturing? It would be awesome but I highly doubt screw caps would come back. They weren't even like that in 02. I bet they would continue where they left off though.

But yea anything they make here I would gladly buy. HELL YEAH!! But I don't support Lava World now but if they made the lamps where they belong then I would.
Quoted from the Chicago Tribune....

In time, Talon said, a limited amount of lamp production could return to the United States. "We plan on creating some higher-end product, which the company used to do," Marks said. In the 1970s, he said, lava lamps were on display "in a prominent showroom in the Merchandise Mart, with $1,100, 4-foot-high lava lamps." The costlier products would likely be produced in the U.S., he added.

A member here named Sindri posted the original link.....sorry im like a friggin sponge when I read...LOL


Its not just a dream...there is hope. Maybe the new owners will listen to us for some ideas ?.?.

Your thoughts on the subject now please.......

Why dont they return the damn Midnights and toss out these 20oz lamps. Their best and all time seller which was the 32oz Midnight made them so good. Then they have the nerve to get rid of it. I wish the Century was produced again. But if they do bring them back here they should be creative and make new products but bring back a few of the old ones. As much as I love Silver they have worn it out, just bring back all the Midnight bases which was their best seller. I just hope they use the 1994-1995 LAVA FORMULA if they come back here.

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