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Have any of you discovered a way to change the color of goo? I have what appears to be a cream colored goo in clear. I think it was originally yellow. I would like to bring it back to a nice yellow. Has anyone ever done this?


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i would like to know this too. can you just inject the new color into the wax? i assume you do this when it's melted but then do you have to mix it up??
erm food die maybe?
Food dye is water based and will only color the liquid.
Candle dye sounds like a great idea! I'll try to find some and give it a try. Thanks!
Thank you DjTrevrok ! The candle dye worked! I found yellow candle dye at Michaels. It was in liquid form. It cost a whole $3.29!
To do this, I carefully removed the cap from the globe and poured the clear liquid out. I then turned the lamp on and heated the wax until it was transparent and liquid. I added about 10 or 12 drops of yellow dye to the cream colored wax. ( I swirled it and it instantly mixed. I just "guestimated" the amount of dye.) I turned off the lamp and after the wax cooled to a solid, I poured the liquid back into the globe. I then turned the lamp on and let it warm up to operating temp, and sure enough ! I had a perfectly working yellow ooze / clear LavaLight. When it's on it actually looks like raw eggs with the yolks rising and falling!
Next time I'm out, I'll pick up a bottle of red. I want orange lava to match my Mustang. It's Grabber Orange.

Thanks again DjTrevrok


PS A small hose clamp works great to re-crimp and re-install the cap.

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