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Just scooped this one off e-Bay for about $15. It's the first time I've seen a glitter/lava lamp wish a shade, other than the extremely rare Crestworth version. I'm going to convert it to lava. I'll post some pictures of the finished product when I'm done.

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I saw that, and was going to forward the link to you. That is one cool lamp - what colors for inside? If you leave the multicolor paint under the bottle, I vote for white/clear. If you don't, I vote for red/blue (Lava brand) since it's a great color idea, tends to be too dark, but this not-too-thick globe would make it less murky. Just add a clip-on lampshade and you're set! Unless this has a threaded ring collar for a ring-holder shade...
And I, too, say... If you can find a sharply rectangular shade... It'd be perfect
She showed up today. I'll restore it this weekend. I think it'll look nice my office.
I'm with Astro on that. Totally dig French glitters. Nice find Fog.

Here are a couple of pictures of the "lava" lamp.

The shade is kinda cheesey. I'm keeping a look out for a nicer shade.
Very nice restoration! That is a great comination of colors.
In a word: WOW. The perfect colors - they really pop! Now that I see it, I can't imagine more fitting colors, and the relative narrowness of the sides makes the white lava look WHITE in a sea of neon pink liquid. I actually like that shade with it, too. Only thing better might be a completely rectangular one.
The bottle's about 2 inches wide.

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