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This is such an exciting moment for Oozing Goo. We've been at it since 1997 and the site has become a true online community. With this new launch we will be more of a community than ever. Over the last year, we've had a dedicated group of administrators running the discussion forum. (Thanks team!*) Now in a sense, everyone becomes an admin - anyone can add pictures to the Gallery, post blogs, start discussions, make friends, and start specialty groups.

Take a spin around the site and get busy sharing.

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Thanks w_j!
Yes, it is going to be quite cool once it all "fills out". Right now the framework is there, but the content is not - Once all the members arrive and everybody starts adding photos and discussion in the forum, it's gonna rock!
Very cool Mark !! I going to be on tonight checking out all the new features. I like it !! Thank You

So glad you dig it! I'm getting itchy to launch it!
Click the envelope at the top of the page. :-) MJust figured that out myself.
Glad to be hear. Does the other site become obsolete?
I goofed when I first signed up on the site.

I didn't enter the right e-mail address. YAY.....

If you want to be added to my friends list on my new and CORRECT page then invite me.
I cannot for the life of me figure out how to invite friends when I cannot get their e-mail addresses anywhere.

My new profile will be W_J

Very nice!

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