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Well I don't really have money to replace my lava lamp since I don't have a job right now. So I have to do what I can to fix it for free. Sadly the water is cloudy and I think its from friends that were over and the kids must have shaken it when we weren't in the room.

I was going to simply take off the top, dump the water and refill it (leaving the top filled with a little air). Is that how it works? I can't find any info about how to replace whats inside. I don't even know if its really water or not! I don't want to have the thing explode! lol. I love lava lamps but never really had to fix one before.

I just know they basics and some moderate stuff about them like the wax the coil...etc.


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the water solution has a toxic smell to it it kind of like turpentine

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