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My Continental lamp was stored on the side, and most of the non-lava liquid drained out. I'm looking to refill it, but I don't know the formula for what's in it. I have access to a lab, so if I knew the recipe I could probably make it. If those of you more expert think this is a foolish idea, perhaps you could suggest how I might simply buy new fill for the globe. Given that it's candle powered, I'm not sure if everything/anything on the market would be suitable.

BTW, I've read that the metal of the Continental is silver colored, but mine is gold. Still it is clearly a Continental in form and function.

Also BTW, if nobody has responded yet to the other Continental mishap, I can provide measurements of my globe.

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I'm uploading a file with a composite picture. Let me know if that helps or if more is needed.

A couple of notes. The cap was painted gold, but when the liquid came out and soaked the packaging it was in, the paint began peeling, which is why you can see the black plastic cap. I plan to repaint. Also, it came with two globes, and my recollection is that they had a faux frosted glass appearance that began to rub off, and upon full cleanup they now look like clear glass.

A followup question. Astrobaby suggests a consort globe and Bohdan suggests a 20 oz China-made model as refill sources. Where would I get these? The Consort in particular doesn't seem widely available based on web searches. Thanks for answering my naive questions.

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