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Does any one know how many lava lamps were in the silver streak line and what the color combonations were?

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All info is for 32oz globes

At one time or another ( 1995 to 2002) they would have been available with the following USA made globes....

02 red/yellow
03 white/blue
04 white/pink
05 white/orange
08 yellow/clear
09 purple/clear
10 red/clear
12 green/clear
13 blue/clear
14 pink/clear
15 orange/clear
16 black/clear
17 teal/clear
18 cranberry/clear
19 lime/clear
20 white/lavender
21 red/purple
22 purple/blue
24 yellow/blue
25 yellow/purple
26 white/red
27 red/blue
28 white/green

The 01 white/clear only came with the princess base ( not a offical release, but available )
The 06 red/clear, 07 peach/clear, 11 yellow/clear are pre 1993 models with screw on caps only, so they would have had Midnite bases (black).
The 29 lime/yellow was only released with the lime colored base in 2001 and 2002.

sweet Jesus, that is a lot of lamps! would take me forever to track down all of them.
Got my first silver streak today but the punk from ebay forgot the topper!!! I emailed him about it but hasn't answered me back.
ok, just got a silver streak from ebay, it was a cheepy and thought I would take the chance. This thing is really weird! I never seen this color combo. It has yellow lava and a very faint pinkish liquid. It has a sticker on the cap, which I thought was made in China. At least all my other china lamps have a sticker on the bottle cap. but this thing flows like an American silver streak. just as smooth and just as fast. the sticker reads as such:

15 May, 2003

I hope someone can tell me more about this lamp because I looked on a silver streak box and it said that the 8625 was a purple liquid and yellow lava. I hope this isn't that and has been sitting in a window ledge and has dwindled the liquid color. the wax color hasn't changed so i don't know. the only sad thing is, is that the liquid became cloudy from shipping. This has happened to my clear blue one and i was able to recover that one. I hope this one is the same. maybe after I get it declouded it would be a clear yellow. well, i hope someone can shed some light on what color combo this one actual is.
Hey brian if you could show a picture that would be great. Unfortunately i think that is the purple/ yellow and it faded. But you could never be too sure!

here is the pic. it is a bit cloudy from the shipping so hope this helps. if you look carefully it has a pink hue to it. will try to clear it up tomarrow with the last method i used with my clear blue and see if i can make look better.
The lime/yellow was sold with Silver Streak bases, too. The Princess colors are: 06 (coral red/clear) 08 (lemon yellow/clear, as opposed to 11, bright yellow/clear sold with other models) and 09 (purple/clear) The very first Princesses had screw-on caps - my puple/clear does.

Has anyone seen an actual 01 MARKED 01, or an 07 MARKED 07?

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