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Haven't been on here for awhile.I'm getting ready to move,and want to sell my entire collection of 16.5" Haggerty Enterprises Brand Lava lamps I bought these brand new in the 1990's,roughly 65 of them.Many still in their original retail boxes.Have Clears,Coloreds,Starships,Swirls,Safari & Wizards too.Nearly every color combination.All adult owned by me.All are 16'5 inch,with the exception of a very small few.

My question is,besides eBay,are there buyers here looking to purchase them too?

Looking to find my best option for fair prices.


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Michael said:

How much are you asking each for the mini "Starship 3"s? 

$150 each,never used and still clear and crisp.

Check PMs Rick, I sent you one earlier today with what I'm interested in, including the mini star ships!

Im interested in a starship

Sorry for the delay,I've been out of town and busier then usual.

A stranger has contacted me to buy the entire lot.I am awaiting payment as they said they would pay.

If they don't follow through,I will break the collection up.

I thank you all for your interest.

I'm pretty upset right now..

This stranger who made a verbal agreement with me is named Ashton Schulte from Minnesota..After 2 weeks of asking me for detailed pics and every single color code I have etc...We both agreed to a final price and he said he was excited to obtain this collection & asked me to find boxes to box everything up to make his in person pick up easier & transport,and set a pick up date/time.If he couldn't make it in person,he'd send a driver who works for him.Ashton said he was going to part out my collection and sell it to others..I now see he is on the FBook site Lava Lamp Collectors Global,and sells quite a bit there.He then said pay pal down payment was soon coming,and the rest he'd pay when he came here to get in person.I said OK and made sure I had those dates open for him.

Day after day I waited for his pay pal down payment.....nothing.

One day I just asked him where the promised payment was & he said he will send it in the AM...nothing.

He then contacts me & says he will now pay me 50% less then the agreed upon total price we agreed to...I was stunned,all the hoops he made me go through,leading me on,only to reduce his offer by 50%.I calmly told him no,and politely gave him a piece of my mind.He then said he'd think about it all once again,only to then Block me on Facebook.

I did nothing but treat Ashton Schulte from Minn. with the utmost respect and transparency,and answered every question he asked me about my collection.After we agreed to a price,I then told all interested parties the collection was now sold and deleted all my ads on various internet sites,pages. 

I'm 60 years old,and have to relocate to help an ill family member amid this Covid 19 crisis.

I've never been treated by someone so dis-respectively like this before.To make me wait & wait & wait and then try to widdle me down 50% after the agreement we had,and then to just block me without any follow up or excuse.

So now I am parting out the collection.I will now unbox all my lamps and answer your questions,thanks.

Jeeeeze sorry Rick. You've got PMs from me and I can take a pretty decent bite out of the collection.

Sorry to hear that
Keep me inmind for any stragglers left behind prior to the move

Darn, that sucks. Thank you Rick for your stewardship of these historic pieces, and screw the trolls.

Wish you the best with the sale and move!

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