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Hi everyone!

Ok so I have been collecting for a long time and I have found over the years that lamps produced in 1999 have poor flow and low wax levels in 32z globes. 

I have several lamps from this year and they all seem to have some sort of issue. This includes 52z's, 32z's and even a Giant.

I have been wondering about this for some time and thought I'd ask if anyone have noticed this as well?

Some of my thoughts are maybe a slight change in formula that year or rushed production or maybe lack of quality control. 

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Hi Tim.  My first lava lamp was a red wizard from Spencer's "Custom" series in 1999 and 2000 when I was a kid.  When I first got it, no matter how long I ran the lamp, it never flowed.  It would rise and fall like it wanted to do more, but never did any more than lay in the bottom of the lamp like a lump.  I think we exchanged the globe twice before we finally got one that had decent flow.  By better flow, I mean it sent up one or two large bubbles at any given time, but at least I finally had a lamp I could enjoy.  I think some of that lower activity was just because of the type of base I chose and how hot the base would get because I can now put that globe on one of my Midnights and get more activity, but that doesn't explain the lack of action from the first two globes.  I never noticed any problems with wax level, though.

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