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Hi all!

I joined this forum after researching what to do about my 20 year old Grande just not performing like it used to.
It's red wax/clear liquid. The liquid has taken on a little of the red (still clear though) and the wax just doesn't flow like it used to. It sends up small blobs, but the big blobs no longer appear.
I've tried relocating, new/different bulbs to no avail.

I just got a new Grande (red/yellow) and that one performs normally in the same spot.

I'm looking at the Goo Kits at Magmatower.  I'm ready to pull the trigger, but if there is any other solution that doesn't involve opening it up, I'll try it.

Does it look/behave the same as before?

I've read the post detailing replacing the goo.  Looks doable.

Any guidance or advice would be much appreciated. I don't have any flowing pictures at the moment...

Thank you all!

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First, what color is the bottle cap under the black removable cap? is it black with a rubber seal around it or is it silver with a sticker on it?  Trying to see if what you have is a grande or a giant, if its a giant I would do everything possible to not swap it out with a gookit. Also make sure you have the proper 100watt reflector bulb on it. Also what helps with stubborn grandes and giants is a bulb socket extender liek this


Black with a rubber seal. 

I've been using the same bulbs (bulk 100w R20) for years. 

I'm currently using this bulb:


The reflector sits right up next to the globe.  I don't think there is much space for an extender.  I just brought it out and I'm running it right now to get some pics of the flow.

Of course that will be an a few hours.

I'd prefer not to have to open it if possible.

Thanks for the reply!


That's the giant model and no I wouldnt want to open it. They are on the rarer side. Try a new bulb first and then try the extender, it will sit right up on the globe.It will fit fine.

Wow!  Thanks for the information! 

I seem to recall the box saying Giant when I bought it, but that was a loooong time ago. I won't open it.

I'll try an extender.  Can you tell me the difference between Giant and Grande They're both 27"

What is the general opinion on the magma tower goo kits?  Do they look like original?

Giants have a better formula, better glass, better metal base. Just better materials all around. As for size they are pretty much identical. Giant globes tend to be not as wide (at its widest point) but only slightly. Its been a while since I've messed with gookits but when I did they formula seemed to kind of suck but this is a good few years ago so I can't vouch for it right now.

Thank you so much for the information! You've helped immensely.  Being an older lamp I knew the formula would be different and I'd rather leave it as it is as long as I can get the lava moving again.

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