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So the new Beatles lamp are on the LL website. They are up a little early since all of their social media pointed to a Sept. 1 release date. There are 7 total, including a couple glitters, and they are $29.99 each. Who's going to be getting one or maybe all? I would love to get them all since I am a fan of the Beatles, but don't know about them all being 14.5". I wish they were bigger. What does everyone think??? Yay or nay?

Lava Lamp 2015 The Beatles Collection

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There were 7, now there are only 5. I guess a couple didn't make it to production. One included the Magical Mystery Tour glitter. I actually liked that one too. There was also a 3rd Yellow Submarine lamp. Kinda disappointed. I would have gotten them just from a collectors stand point (I flip - flop on it daily).

Sparty, I understand the collectors stand point BUT those 20z lamps are just garbage in my opinion! But if you like em get em! I do like the Rubber Soul one but I would never buy it.

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