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So I made my glitter head with 5 32oz bottle and don't have room for empty bottles, full ones maybe but definitely not empty ones. So if anyone is interested all you have to pay for is shipping. I will even throw in some gold caps and some left over goo kit colors red and blue. I'm thinking $20 for shipping? I also have a full quart of goo that was dyed purple.

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Are these bottles still available?
Yes they are still available. Are you interested?

Yes I am interested in these bottles. And if it is easier for you to pack and ship a smaller number like 3 that would be fine too. But if you want to clear all of them out to make room then I will take them. I also need those goo kit dyes. If the dyes are unused then I would insist on paying you what you paid for them because I was going to buy red and blue from Magmatower anyway. I have been making my own goo with success so don't need the quart of goo but I really like their dyes.


Just give me the total and I will Paypal you.


Thank you!


The bottles have been sold and shipped to Goo Geek. Thanks.

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