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I was told to try 60 w in a 40 Base for better , flow however I can’t seem to find one that fits and is available, maybe you folks know where I could get one . Here is a pic of the bulb size , thanks for any info

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I found this regular size light bulb , it’s 60 w , it fits in the base , and doesn’t touch the globe , u think this would work ? This is the base 

This the bulb am looking for seems hard to find have to call Ferguson on Monday , that’s a bathroom place , 

however  I have. 4 inch bulb I showed you all in there now , it’s flowing awsome no constant column  . 

thanks for the advice Keith ,  I have a dimmer on it but it’s almost full blast doesn’t seem to be getting to hot , hope the base can handle a higher watt , but so far so good .  If  I can find a place to order these. 60 w I’ll let u know 

Hey bob y,

I'm looking at this picture and I realize; this is a ceramic base not a standard metal base.  I should have realized before.  That being said, I would not recommend using anything other than what the tag inside says on a ceramic base.  The chances of the extra heat damaging a ceramic base that costs that much is a risk that I wouldn't take myself.  I apoligize for the misleading information for your particular base! 

bob y said:

I found this regular size light bulb , it’s 60 w , it fits in the base , and doesn’t touch the globe , u think this would work ? This is the base 

O wow dang , the thing is it worked though . So what about this I have other 16 in base , the normal ones from China , however the  4 in bulb won’t fit in that , may I ask where you get your bulb that fits from . 

maybe I can swap the globes and use the usa lava in the China base with the 3 in 60w bulb , and the 40w bulb in the ceramic base . 

I hope one day of using a 60 w bulb didn’t do to much damage , and no worries I should have been more clear . I ended up keeping the lamp . Thanks for your help . Hope I can find this bulb . 

Update  the 40 w bulb is back in , the lamp seems to be acting like it Before I switched bulbs , flow kidna sucks but ain’t the worst . 

am not done trying it improve the flow , maybe this globe on a new base with a 60 w , so if it breaks the base of a China lamp I can buy for cheap who cares . I’ll keep this updated if people would like . 

thanks for the info and help , to anyone reading this if you go past the recommended watt just make sure it’s on a lamp you don’t care so much about , my lamp seems ok though thankfully , Keith thank you for everything don’t worry about not realizing what type base it was , I should have been more clear . Thanks all 

This a pic of the flow it mostly column then this same has b4 , so no harm done , I also last nite use this globe on a China 16.5 base and it flowed better then this , the bottom line this isn’t getting hot enough , how to fix that without breaking it is another thing though . 

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