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This is just a sneak preview of our new patented LED lamp. It can change 7 different, change from pulsate to strobe and respond to music.

Video coming soon!

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Awwww man that looks great are you able to give us a idea on price yet ?
Thanks everyone!

As far as price goes, this model normally runs for $2450.00. The upgrade to standard white LED with colored wax is an extra $150.00 and the RGB remote controlled model is an extra $550.00. Definitely not for your average consumer but this is also the largest model we make.

The conversion kit is coming along nicely. We are still deciding if we want to make it a universal base or make it be applicable to your current base (this one is tricky). Any input you guys have feel free to share.

For the conversion kit i would love to see a couple different sizes.... say one the fit's 32/52 oz globes and one for grand size globes. Also i have to agree that the new lamp is not the average consumer lamp but man if i had the money to spare......

I am interested in the 7' tall color changing lava lamp. Can someone please provide a source?

Jonny Magma used to be a rep for Magma Tower and Goo Kits. This looks like an older version of what is now the Spectrum. Looks like an MT-200 with modified Spectrum components in the base. The lamp has changed a lot since this point. You can check out the Spectrum on our Facebook www.facebook.com/MagmaTower.

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