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Let's post some pics of our goo kits!!


My Blue Grande









































My Orange Grande






































My Purple / White Grande

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OH... ya had to go and throw another color into my confusion!  ;O)

No, I actually bought all of the colors months ago and I do have the violet. I just recall seeing other pics of it that were not as amazing as yours.

Just a little scraping of the violet?? Very interesting. I have an orange Grande (LOVE it) and I used only about 1/4 dye for that. It looks pretty much the same as everyone's, maybe a little lighter. 

I think my old plan was to just make smaller globes (blue, purple and violet) and then decide what I like the best for the Grande. 

Wile E. Coyote said:

I used the violet dye, and NOT the purple.  I figured the purple would be too dark, but as I think about it, it may have been the one I should've used.  I was actually going for a light lavender color, but I LOVE the shade it turned out!!  It's a really great color in person!!  I used just a scrape of the violet.  Really barely any.  If you can imagine lightly scraping your fingernail across the top of the dye pack, and collects under your nail, about half of that..  You can always just add more as it's running.  Just put a tiny bit at a time if you want to darken it up a little, and it just floats on top, and eventually the wax will pick it up, and it will blend together.  The kit calls for 55ml or surf, but I only used about 35 in this grande.  It flows the way I like it with less surf.  I've made 6 grandes, and a few 52oz, and all have turned out great.  I always am amazed at the clarity of the water.  Crystal, and I do mean crystal clear!!  It rocks!!


Jeff said:

That's really very beautiful. How much of the purple dye did you use for that Grande?

I have one to convert and was almost sure that I was gonna use blue- but that purple is making me rethink it again. 


Wow! That silver lamp looks amazing. What did you use to dye it?

Never mind. I found the old post describing the use of silver sharpies to create that effect. I'm really tempted to try it myself, though maybe on a smaller lamp to start out.

One more question if anyone is around to answer: What kind of dye did everyone use to color the water. The only information I could find here is that it should (obviously) be completely water based so it doesn't mix with the wax. So, what's a good water-based dye that won't degrade or fade too quickly?

Also, very nice effect with the textured paint. There are so many great things to try here. This could get a little expensive if I'm not careful.

Food clouring dye will work fine - Mc Cormics food dye aparently works well.

All Goo Kits!!


Those are so beautiful. I love the paint job, too. This is inspiring me to get another GooKit Grande going...

My 1st goo kit

what u use to color the water?
LampHead said:

These are 52oz lamps, red/green, blue/blue & white/yellow

More 52's, white/red, white/green & light blue/clear

Fluorescent blue Grande

32oz blue/blue

52oz white/clear

32oz blue/clear, yellow/clear & orange/clear

52oz white/yellow & white/purple

52oz lineup

Next project up is my 2nd Grande but im still on the fence between blue/clear or orange/clear, the pics posted above make it even harder to decide :)


I just redid my grande with a gookit, with the violet dye.  There is onley one word.  AAAAAmmmmaaazzzzzzing.  It is so beautiful.  You cant go wrong with the violet.

 McCormick liquid food coloring, available at any food store. Use a drop at a time, most globes only need 1-4 drops to get the color your looking for.

Metallicaman said:

what u use to color the water?

Great lamps in here.  I especially like the Pink Floyd lamp.  Is that hand painted??


So, if i wanted to make my own lamps i was wondering where i could get bases and caps from??  Is there any source for new, plain lava lamp bases or do i have to scour ebay to find used ones???

Seeing all of these awesome looking lamps makes me just want to goo-kit every lamp I have!

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