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Magma Tower is revolutionizing the water motion lamp. Here are some of the features you will find with our new lamp.

NO MORE BULBS- No more worrying about bulbs burning out or what wattage you will need. Our new technology eliminates the bulb altogether cutting the power consumption by 30 percent.

COLOR CONTROL- Our new lamp will come with a remote control that gives you the ability to alternate through 7 different colors. You will also be able to set it to pulsate, strobe and more.

TEMPERATURE CONTROL- The temperature control system allows the lamp to heat up or cool down depending on ambient temperatures. No more over heating!

Please remember that this is prototype number 1. I will post a video of the final product soon. I just wanted to give you all a teaser.

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Agreed i will be buying one as soon as they are available.

My comments are not meant to be rude. I was being skeptical. So many companies promise something and when they deliver, it's nothing less than junk and they wonder why people don't like it.

HOWEVER - I stand corrected on many things. With your new information, my interest has changed. A Pyrex glass cylinder lava lamp? I am definitely interested. That right there screams quality. Size and volume seem to be huge as well. Another awesome tidbit. As for your companies philosophy, I have read some things but other than that, I know nothing. The lamps I have seen looked like they were acrylic. Especially with some of them being in places prone to sudden blunt force. However, I have been corrected. Is the Pyrex glass super clear or will it have that green tint to it?

Any other info?

Some things that would be interesting to see..

- A screw top cap for the bottles. None of that cheap cap once, can't remove easily stuff. Do it like Mathmos does
- Single colored light - white light only with colored wax lamps. Color changing is cool, but not on my list of likes. Or make it so it can display white only.
- Choice of bottle colors. Clear, white, blue, black, orange, yellow, green, purple. Etc.
- Optional bases. I would love a base that could incorporate like 6 bottles at once in a straight line or circular pattern to create a huge rainbow lamp.

Thanks for the info Jonny. It sounds much better now.
Wow, I like it and I want one !! I know its a tough crowd here sometimes but please still make some. The price seems perfect, I really do not understand what people want to pay....$5...$35 ?? I dont get it, $20 will get you some LW junk and you will refill it anyway and have a 32oz lamp...wow big deal. A 300oz 24+ inch cylinder for $150 or less is a good deal, original Giants were $300....no matter how you cook it, a $2 steak will never taste as good as a $20 one, quality costs $$$. How much are them Mathmos Astros ?? They charge for quality and you get quality, seems fair to me.

You did not come off as rude. It was just apparent that you weren't familiar with our product. You and everyone else have every right to be skeptical. This industry has been hit or miss for a while. Magma Tower is all about quality and we would scrap a project before releasing junk.

Pyrex is the only way to go. It is pricey though and will be one of the deciding factors in how much this thing will really cost. Our pyrex glass is crystal clear with no tint whatsoever.

- Our lamp will have an easily removable lid.
- We started with single colored light and moved into color changing. That specific lamp in the video can go white as well. We plan to release a few variations of the lamps including music responsive lamps as well.
- Bottle colors is something we plan to do but it is farther down our list than other innovations. We feel nothing really beats a crystal clear lamp.
- If you look in the photos on my profile you will see a base that has that exact feature. A streamlined model of that is available only to our interior designers. We may eventually create the commercial model.

Thank YOU. Without you asking I wouldn't have the opportunity to explain it in detail.

Our sentiments exactly.
Hehe i cant wait
I am fairly certain I will want this.
Very nice Jonny. I'm interested. Keep us updated!
Can it do what we call serpentine flow, like a Crestworth/Mathmos? The video shows only multiple small spheres.
The flow changes. Our Magma Towers will be small blobs at first and then cycle into what we call magma (stretching in a column). It's always changing though.
Haha, don't worry, we are really close to finishing up on our 26" tall model. We are going to try and make it as affordable as possible.

Here is the newest information I have...

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