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First I must apoIogize for my poor english. :(
I bought a white Mathmos Jet lava lamp (white/clear).
I think I have a problem :) The goo dosen't flow.I'm sure many peole have had the same problem( so I hope i'm not disturbing anyone with the same old questions)
Anyway the goo might be old or dead.When I switch the lamp on the lava seems to rise.Then it just drops down and dosen't do anything(but I can see that the goo wants to move... :) )
I tried to jump start it with a 40 W bulb.It didn't work.
So it I think the problem is in the goo.I refuse to accept that the goo is old and dead.
So I thought maybe I should swap the water with another jet lava lamp.Or is it a bad idea?
Or might the problem be in the coil?The goo is in full contact with the coil.
I really like the white/clear lava lamp, so I thought that in the worst case I will swap the goo and the water from another lava lamp.
Could anyone suggest what I acctually should do.Because I'm so new to the lava lamp world that I just might break the lamp overall.I took some pictures of my sadly dead lava lamp.

Thank You in advance for any replies. :)

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Try this first.

While the lamp is cold, unscrew the cap. Pour a bit of the liquid out into a clean container. Mix a pinch of sea salt in the liquid (Never use table salt. It has sugar in it). Pour this mixture back into the lamp. Screw on the cap. Make sure there is an air pocket at the top of the lamp. If you fill the lamp to the brim, it might explode once the liquid starts expanding.
Fire the lamp up again and see how the goo flows.
The salt makes the liquid denser, which in turn encourages the goo to rise.
Repeat the procedure, if necessary, until the goo floats to the surface, and then sinks back down nicely.
If you add too much salt, pour a bit of the liquid out of the lamp and replace it with distilled water.
It's a bit of trial and error, for sure.

Thank You.. :) I will try that.I really hope that this will solve the problem.
Thank You Bohdan for Your help.I thought at first that I should do the thing You suggested.But I tried the salt thing first.I added just a little bit of salt and it woked.So I am very happy :) But thank You for Your help.

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