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I finally found a small shelf that will fit in my room so I can setup some lavas on it. :) Maybe 10 or so. I wanted to have this in place before winter so I could enjoy watching several lamps during the cold winter months. 

I am concerned about the potential for the liquid in my lava lamps fading. 

As you can see, there's a window to the right of the lamps, but those curtains are always closed. However, to the left of this photo is another window, and you can see the light that's shining in this morning. I don't think that strip of light will reach the bookshelf my lamps will be on, but I"m going to keep looking at it this morning. 

Just wondering what people's experiences have been displaying their lava in rooms with windows where light comes in. Anyone experienced any fading? I am so paranoid about any of the liquid fading, but I really want some lamps in my room and this is about the only spot they'll fit. I suppose I could switch where the wicker hamper is with this shelf, but then I can't see them from bed. ;)


Any thoughts, experiences or opinions would be much appreciated! 

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No opinions? Anyone?



Its a bad idea the liquid will loos the collour , this lamp i fixed lost the purple collour do to
the sun i my old apartment
Well poop. So what, I have to keep them in the basement for all times?
I have a most of mine in a picture window that we don't open the blinds on, the only fade I have encountered is on the one lamp I have that get sunlight directly on it, and it is a no name china lamp at that, so that may be more the cause than anything else.

This shelf won't get direct sunlight, but sunlight will enter the room through one window. I guess I'll keep my eye on them.  



Thats the reason why i wont by any lava lamp with collour anymore

Well it seams as though the light is only shining directly on the shelf in the morning and its not constently in direct sunlight so I think it should be ok.

I can do some moving around if I see that the liquid color is starting to fade. I really don't want to have a bunch of faded lamps! But, I feel like they should be ok where they are.

in my living room I have the plastic window cling that looks like stained glass( comes in a few different styles) Got it from Home Depot.. and comes in rolls so can be cut to size of window glass.. a bit pricey but not to bad... they are great cause  light still comes through but not direct sun..  very very easy to apply and can be removed in seconds and re used..

I sport the ever classy tin foil in my bedroom...aka the Lava Love Cave..lol

I dont think there is a flat surface safe from a lamp in our homes... lol

Mike(Blind Faith) said:
I have never done shelves myself at least not yet but I've experienced fading even without sunlight as a factor. I typically put mine on dressers, entertainment centers, counter tops randomly everywhere.
I can't (won't) do plastic window cling or foil. I like sunshine and open windows. If they start to fade, they will go back in the basement or I'll try moving the shelf to the wall WITH the window.

I put the brown bags that you get to bring Ice cream home in, when not in use during the day I cover them.

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