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About to start my first gookit.
I have read in several places here that the dye can be added to the goo AFTER its in the water & flowing.
But I can't find any instructions HOW to do this.
Can somebody please help me?

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Really happy with how it came out so far. 

The water is crystal clear! If only the glass didn't have so many shmears and imperfections!

But it definitely isn't as noticeable since the water isn't blue anymore. 

I don't even think they've mailed the red dye I ordered on Monday yet. Looks like i'll have a clear/white Grande for a while!

The white on the top of the globe is just surf bubbles. Still waiting for them to go away.

How much distilled water did you need?

Just about 1.5 gallons. 

Uh oh....is THIS supposed to happen? LOL.

So what color you going for? Red or mixing for another color option? I was wondering how much water it took as well. Looking good so far : )

Yes, going to dye the wax nice and red. Also considering dyeing the water a little blue at some point, but probably not. I have a love affair with clear. 

Sorry I didn't post any pics of the flow last night. It kind of sucked, though. Flows just like my retarded yellow neon. It forms a slight cone shape, and spits out a single bubbly goo ball every 10 seconds or so.

What happened? What did I do wrong? Too much surf? I used about 57ml of the surf just like the tutorial said. Was that too much? I've seen other peoples' posts where they said they used MUCH less.....like 35ml or something. How can I fix it? Just dump out some of the 'surfy' water and replace it with regular distilled? If so, the real question is HOW MUCH?

UGH.......questions questions question.......flooding the mind of the young Goohead today!!!!!!

I can tell you I had issues with the flow of 2 Jets I gookitted and couldn't fix them.

Same amount of surf at the start, so I kept adding surf in one, and remove some from the other.

The result: nothing changed, the flow was still poor, so I dumped them both in the toilet :-(

Good luck with yours, but I think the problem has nothing to do with amount of surf...

Sorry you had issues with Gookits. 

The flow on mine is DEFINITELY improved today!

Now i'm really excited to get my red dye next week.

Really nice!

So you did nothing to improve the flow, just run it and wait?

Awesome! Can't wait to see it red, although clear is cool too.

Did nothing, @Astralav 

Just ran it last night about 6 hours, turned it off for about 13 hours, and turned it back on this afternoon.

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