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Though I have/am returning all my "China" Lava Lite lamps, I kept one to test drilling holes in the base. Lava Lite Aristocrat bases are about as boring as they come so I thought I would attempt to recreate the Aristocrat pinholes. Lava Lite must've dropped drilling the holes in the base as yet another measure to save money. LOL


I first made a very rough template and taped a bunch of paper onto an Arisocrat base:


I then removed the template and traced it onto another sheet of paper:

I wrapped that around the Aristocrat base to make sure it was sized right, and then took that and traced it again on thicker, card-stock paper. 


I took the card stock template and taped it onto the Aristocrat base. I switched on the light and took a pointy object and poked holes in the card stock where the pinholes were. 


Then I taped up the un-drilled base with painter's tape (this is to prevent the drill from slipping while you drill the holes):


Place the template you just created over the taped-up un-drilled base and mark the holes with a permanent marker. Remove template. You now have tiny dots!

Next up, drill the holes! I used a small drill bit and went slowly. It goes pretty easily. The tape does prevent any slipping. Just be firm and go slow.


Remove tape and LOOK! Nice holes!! 

Well, I did indeed totally screw up the paint job and I have royally messed up the base. :( So tomorrow I will seek out some paint thinner. However, this was pretty easy to do and it looks great.


Hope this helps anyone who's thinking about sprucing up their boring Lava Lite base!

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ive thoght about doing something like this on some of my mathmos lamps, drilling small holes in the base but then filling the holes with a colored resin, aint got round to it yet tho
Funny Krissy, I was just thinking about doing something like that yesterday, too. I was thinking about what I could put behind the holes so color would show.
I have a little something for you... Doel hates the fact the light coming out the bases .. I mean he likes the look... just hates that they hit his eyes.. we are in a constant battle of manipulating the lamps so they dont blind us..  But I just recently got the perfect solution.. and one that can be constantly changed to other colors or be removed for original look.... hit me up
Internal color wheel?!

no but something that is very similar!!!!  huge selection of colors toooo


Took the bad paint job off yesterday with stripper. Never used stripper before, and even though it's messy, it was pretty easy to do. So, the repaint is happening and I should have pics to show soon. :)

Final product. I'm happy with the results. Like the base more than the globe. ;)

You can drill my holes any day..lol
That looks great especially in white.
LOL Kira! I don't think I'd do the "hammered" paint again. It's a little tough to work with.

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