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I have a modern 17"/32oz. lamp I really like.  It is clear liquid with red wax.  Back in 2014/2015 when I bought it the first one didn't really flow at all.  I complained to Lava and the sent me a 52oz lamp as a replacement since the metallic red one I had was no longer available.  Then I found another red metallic at a local store and bought it.  The 2nd one flows just great but needs a dimmer to keep the goo off the roof.

Anyway, I took the bad one and made a homemade glitter lamp out of it.  BUT I saved the wax out of it. I had saved the fluid, but the jug leaked at some point so I threw the rest out.  Anyway, the only complaint I have of the 32oz metallic red gem is that it seem to have too little goo inside.  I was wondering if I could augment the wax volume with some of the wax from the original lamp.  

Would it be a bad idea to increase the wax volume in a working lamp?  I wouldn't go crazy, maybe just put about 1/4 of the saved wax in the lamp.

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I do not follow the ML guidelines from Lava Lamp corp./

I fil to the bottom line where the base ends

It takes a tad longer to heat up but flows better with more blobs

  1. It is possible to work. I did something similar to this when I combined two of my 32 oz lamps into a 52 oz globe. Two different lamps, two different formulas. Poured em right in together. Despite differences in their recipes, the waxes still combined with one another, but this takes some time to achieve. When you first combine the two it’s gonna be really messy inside that globe– but once the wax settles, it will flow. In the case the liquid is cloudy, you could try clearing it using multiple methods (these can be found in other forums) or you could refill it yourself. For my lamp, when I first poured them in together, the lamp looked faded and destroyed; cloudy, bubbly, and just nothing but busted wax. Let the lamp settle off overnight and, to my surprise, I was so excited with what I saw the next morning. A beautiful, fresh looking lamp. Although, I was lucky to have it crystal clear– sometimes they never clear up. Now, it’s looking cooler everyday. Overall, I’d say to go for it. Your case would not be nearly as messy as mine too, since you would just be adding some to that lamp. Experimenting with these is pretty awesome and very interesting. Last thing I would say is, after leaving the final result on for a few hours, observe and remove some of the liquid if the wax appears to be too much in volume. This way the liquid has the room to rise and ease the pressure. That’s what I did for my lamp and it still flows beautifully. Hope this helps, good luck.

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