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This is after 5 hours of use. Did start producing small globs at first then gone in to one big blob. Please help only had it a week

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Can you provide more info - have you made any changes to it, what lamp is it etc
It is a new lamp and is a grande. Was working for the first week and then started doing the mass blob thing at the bottom. I had it on last night and aload of air came out of the wax. Nothing has changed in the house, I have even put it on with the heating off with it on. Here are more pics from last night
And two more pics

Shelley it looks to me like your wax has separated. I had one do the exact same thing to me a couple of weeks ago, air bubble and all and have corrected it by removing most of the water, leave enough water in the bottle to cover the wax by 2 inches or so, save the water you took out and place the globe back on the base so it can melt the wax completely, you can also do it on the stove but use extreme caution the bottle can burst and start a massive fire, the lamp base is the safest bet.

I think mine separated because it was moved under the a/c vent. It was fine, we rearranged our room, turned it on enjoyed it for a bit and went to bed. I usually leave it on over night and shut off in the morning. In the morning it was a massive blob so I shut it off. Turned it back on later and made it worse, some wax floated to the top and wont come back down. I tired everything I could think of gently swirling it to see if it would fall and no luck. Heating it with a blow dryer and no luck. I messed with it to the point that it looked like a Stalagmite formation. Or it could of separated because I bought it at Ross and there were issues before hand. One major thing I did notice with this lamp though is when it separated the color separated from the wax as well. There were dark blobs of blue throughout the wax along with with stripes in the wax.  

Wait a minute . Is this a lamp you purchased from Lava Lite or a business or from a private party . Is it sealed . Did you 'redo ' it with a kit. ? these are all very important things you need to give us if you want the "correct' advice . DONT OPEN if you purchased this from a business or you void your warranty !!!!!

the globe is getting too hot.  place it on a dimmer and reduce the voltage a bit to make it flow.

I bought it brand new at Argos. My daughters 14.5 one is doing brilliantly can't fault it. It's all sealed correctly. I am taking it back tomorrow and getting a replacement. I will check it out in store before I take it home

Whoa I wasn't aware these babies came with warranties!! The one I got at Ross was my first brand spanking new one and it had nothing in the box :( It was from Lava Lite.

My bad didn't mean to suggest something that could void your investment! 

SHelly it looks like you are showing us 2 different lamps . One in your original post and two photos down farther in your replies ? Im confused here .

they are the same but appear different as the first one was taken without flash but the other 2 were taken with flash.

glad you are getting a replacement, shelley!

Here is my new replacement. Been on since 2 this afternoon

BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!

Shelley warne said:

Here is my new replacement. Been on since 2 this afternoon

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