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Isn't there something that can be globally bought ?

I mean in here i read that i should get Dawns Dish Soap, but i cant get that here in Denmark.. The same goes for Tesco tea tree shampoo.. And i bet Denmark is not the only country where those products cant be bought.. So i thought that maybe there was some kind of Surfactant that can be bought all over the world, so that its easier fore people to search for the right things, when wanting to flow optimize or redo lamps ?

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Now im just experimenting with the one of my grandes.. I gave up on this one so thought it would be fun to just add destilled water and see if i could get it flowing or just do something, to learn.. I just added destilled water and nothing else and fired up the lamp.. Most of the wax has risen to the top of the lamp and are now stiff again .. The rest is at the bottom beeing cooked.. So if i wanted that wax to rise i would have to add glycerin or propylene glycol right ? :)

So if i wanted that wax to rise i would have to add glycerin or propylene glycol right ? :)

Yea that and a bit of surf basickly and you aggust the amount of glycerin or propylene glycol in order to get it flowing correctly


Okay.. Well Before i added anything almost all the wax is at top .. :P Dont know why.. Well have to let it run for a little longer and see what happens..
Does anyone know what the goo kits surfactant is made of? Will it work in my filtered Grande to help the flow? 


How is your flow atm?

It flow like the picture for hours. After about 7-8 hrs it flows a little better but nothing like it did before I filtered it.


To me it looks like theres enough surfactant.. It looks more like you would need to make the water more dense so the wax can rise.. I would add a few drops of Propylene Glycol and see what would happen.

Can anyone confirm ?

Glycerine/polypropylene glycol has nothing to do with the water going cloudy, providing you use pharmaceutical/food grade liquid. The reason why the water becomes cloudy is because washing up / hand soap type liquids contains dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid.
The most effective surfactant that you need to use is a nonionic eg alcohol ethoxylate but the problem with this is that the water needs to be heated to dissolve the surfactant. Alternatives that will work would be an amphoteric (eg cocoamido propyl betaine) or an anioin ( sodium lauryl ether sulphate).
I tried polysorbat 20....clouds+doesnt work properly...
SLES is definitely the best. No clouding and can be mixed in cold water.

will try it, thx.


Im going down town now to see if i can find some of that sodium lauryl ether sulphate .. If i find a shampoo with that stuff in and cocoamido propyl wouldn't it matter what else theres in it besides dodecyl benzene sulphonic acid ?

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