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I just bought a very nice Amoeba in box and the light does not work. The instructions say the bulb isn't user replaceable. Has anyone tried to replace the bulb in an Amoeba! I can't believe they would make something that you can't replace the bulb in.   Thanks!

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Has anyone taken and Amoeba apart?   

These lamps feature a very thin circular fluorescent bulb inside - the thinness of the lamp tube reminds me of the old backlights in laptop screens before LED became the norm. I've never seen a similar bulb, and they would normally last a really long time. I'm guessing it might possible to fashion something out of a a thin LED flexible strip light which can often be trimmed to size. This would involve using a separate power source for the LED light because if I remember correctly, the Amoeba lamp runs on a 9v or 10v power transformer.

You might also want to watch for a noisy Amoeba for sale to harvest the bulb if you want to stay true to the design. Good luck!

If its 9V to 10V you can probably use a COG or LED halo lamp used to circle headlights in cars
Measure the Inner circumference in MM (Or inches and convert)

You might even be able to make it remote controlled since they are sold in kit in that fashion (provided there is enough room)

they are readily available on eBay

NOTE: COG is the thinner and brightest (almost blinding) of the lighting rings available.
However, they use a special transformer (called a driver) to step up the voltage.

Make sure you have the room available for installation of the driver or a means to place it in an outside in a hobby box separate from the lamp.

Let me know the MM inner and outer diameter, I might have a few rings in the shop that would fit.

Thanks for the help!

I think I'll watch for a Amoeba to harvest a bulb from. I could send it back but it's in such nice condition and the price with box wasn't bad. I bought it on ebay and it worked before it shipped. I'll take it apart and see if something jiggled loose.

Is there anything to watch for when disassembling these?  The instructions say do not take apart several times.

Thank, Brent

please post a picture of the lamp top and bottom

I was messing around with it the other night and the light came on. Something might have jiggled loose during shipping. It's worked the last few nights. It's not a very bright like but it works for now. I like it, hopefully it will continue to work.

Thanks, Brent

Video please!

Amoeba video.


What volt AC adapter does it take? I have one and have misplaced the  


12v AC 550mA

Here is the model number of mine - ka12a120055034u

thanks a bunch for the model number, that solved one of the problems with mine but I realized I have a problem with the circuitry also. do you think you could do me a favor and open your lamp and take a picture of the inside, or at least of the circuit board and show me? if so that would help me immensely. thanks again for your help so far.

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