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At least I think it is...it's only flashing pink and when I touch the base (not the button, the base!) it seems as it wants to go in the normal cycle starting with blue and thanturns emediately red once and starts flashing again...tried unplugging it for a while but no response...sad...it was a very nice lamp.

if anyone knows a cure, let me know...the troubleshooting leaflet sais nothing about this symptoms.

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Perhaps they need to go back to the drawing board with Smart Astro as there have been a lot of teething issues. I would still like one though.
It's a very very nice lamp as long as it works!! It seems only few survive though...I wonder how many went back because they stopped working properly.
Mathmos replaces the base, no questions asked...hope the new one works longer than 10 times;)

I would suggest using it and enjoying it while you can.

Crestworth Limited said:

This is not good news, I have 2 unused Smarts that I wanted to store away for another day, now it seems I best use them as much as possible to see if they die, this is not right, have Mathmos made a product that can die at any moment, unlike a normal Astro, new fuse, bulb and bottle and all is well for many years to come, these could die at any moment, 12 months and 1 day, bang, good bye £85, or in my case X3...Doh
Depends on what you mean by work...it's heating but no normal colour cycle, just flashing pink all the time.

well, I called mathmos and the replacement is already on it's way...I have heard of LL replacements taking month to arrive.

Believe me I'm not amused, but at least they seem to care.

Smart Astro technology sucks! Have 2 dead bases now :-(

Were they first or second generation? I have a second generation and I feel like its a ticking time bomb.

Gandhiman said:

Smart Astro technology sucks! Have 2 dead bases now :-(

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