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Does the globe on this look too tall/thin to be a standard Enchantress to anyone but me? Perhaps this was an interim model between the "elegant" style and later models?



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I think its just an awkward angle the picture was taking at.

I agree with the Dr..  I think this is just the angle and maybe having a certain type of lens on.


I agree with Shawn and Mark, but I did notice it too Jonas. I got excited because I thought it was an "Elegant", but it's too big to be an Elegant. The whole picture is long and narrow, which tells me it's the photo that's making the lamp look odd. 

The cap is way too thin, also, though. Look at it. Not wide enough at the bottom of the cap.

I just bought it.  The price was fair, looks to be in good condition, I love the yellow lava and couldn't resist the fruit ring.  I think it will be a kitchen lamp.  Seems like it will go well there with the fruit ring and my yellow walls.  I can post more pictures when I get it if you want me to.  I, like Erin, also thought it was an Elegant at first but I don't think it is.

It might be an Elegant.  I looked again and it does look odd.  According to the Hippielight site the Elegant usually came with the fruit ring: http://www.hippielight.com/

I'll let everyone know when it arrives.

The "elegant" types, early on, came with a ring of plastic flowers that resemble fruit in places. Then there were some interim styles, followed by the later style flowers, which carried over into the conical models. The contents of the tray on this one - even IF the globe is an unusual one - are most assuredly NOT original. Lots of people changed them to suit their own tastes, the way you HAD to do with the Decorator (which came with an empty tray).

I have no idea what color this one's globe used to be, though I suspect lime in green. Either way, it's faded but it flows, and the cloudiness might just be the original 'mist' liquid.

The cap appears to be metal, which also suggests to me that this might be a rare interim model globe; as far as I know ALL conical Enchantress globes have plastic caps, but "elegant" type globes did not always: earlier ones had a striated or reeded plastic cap, usually but not always with a metal cap glued over it, while some late ones had gold-tone smooth plastic.

Congrats on the buy. It'll either be a good lamp for a good price or a RARE lamp for an awesome price!

Thanks, I'll post some clear pictures from lots of angles when I get it.  I'll pull the fruit ring off and photo it too so we can see what it is.  Thought it will look cool in my kitchen as it will match the decor.  Maybe if I get more and clear pictures we can figure out what the heck it is!  I was watching this one when it posted but was bidding on the black squiggle Aristocrat.  I dropped out when it hit $180 and stopped fighting because it looked really cloudy.  I thought if I was going to spend upwards of $200 it had to be in better condition, even as rare as it may be.  Very happy with the mystery Enchantress purchase!

I'm gonna say that I have a 90% confidence level that this is just an enchantress planter at an odd angle.

Me too.

I do have an Elegant Enchantress Planter in this exact same color. I've never seen a regular Enchantress Planter with this color combo. That's why I was curious when I first saw it. That and the cap, too.

Did this lamp arrive?

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