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Neither of my Targets had them, so I ordered one online. $31something shipped. 

Date on cap: 12042301, so I'm guessing April 23 of 2012. 

These are my DAY ONE impressions. I will update in the next few days. Even if the globe sucks, I'm keeping this one because I love the base and cap - the red is really nice. 

The finish is a nice high-gloss red. Almost like a candy-apple red. I wish they'd done the other two in this kind of paint instead of flat yellow and flat purple. However, there were a few nicks on the cap where the paint is missing and a small dent in the base. The base and cap are nice though. Nicer than I thought they'd be. 

The globe is slightly cloudy, which I expected. This is only the first run, but it's flowing and seems to be a hybrid of China/US flow. Too early to tell at this point. 

It kinda looks like the wax is sticking around the very bottom near the coil. Again, first run, so we'll see how it does.

What gripes me the most? And I didn't expect this...but the seam where the plastic rim meets the colored base, where the light is...BLINDS YOU. If that light could have been a few millimeters lower... Seriously, you can't even look at the lamp because of the PIERCING WHITE LIGHT shooting in your eye. It's very annoying. It really hampers looking at the lamp!

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Mine is still clear but it definitely overheats still. Don't expect much from the globe try a older one.


Why just not throw the globe away and use a Red/Clear USA globe?  Hopefully Lava Lite continues produce this model once they bring production back to the US.  

That's what I'll do Matt. That or a US red glitter globe. If the globe doesn't clear up, I might pop the top and experiment, too.

However, these lamps take a 25W bulb, so I'm not sure how a US 32oz. would do on it. 

Well if the clear view is designed for a 32 oz globe then any LW 32oz globe would do.  Though, 25W is not enough juice for a 32oz globe.  However, I can see a US 32 oz globe that's really broken in flowing beautiful on the clear view :D

It's been run two times now. Still hazy. 

The old globes run fine on the 25w spotlight Erinz. May take a little long to get going but mine flow fine.

Interesting. I'll pop one on there this weekend, just for fun. Thanks!

Still hazy. No real signs of improvement. The flow is decent. Not 90s LL flow, but not as bad as most of the China flow I've seen. 

I don't think the haziness will clear. 

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