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I'm not a big fan, can someone tell me the significance of the dancing teddy bears?
Weebs, I'm with you. I don't get the dancing bears at all...
Well I don't know but they sure are purdy.

some interesting comments on this sellers prior attempt:


Those were some interesting anecdotes.

Perhaps if the seller put that information in the auction it would bring in more interest. To me it looked like a modified creative motion lamp.

Looks very similar to a peace lamp I have which looks very similiar to the gas lamps I have (texaco).

The dancing bears just don't seem to fit, yet I don't know the history behind the dead.

If they used the dancing dead skeleton it might be more interesting.


> The Bears on it, make it look like it belongs in a babies nursery.

That's what I thought.  I'm going to have to post my peace and texaco lamps so you can see the similarities.



Dunno. Wasn't anything that outrageous.

You'll know it's me cuz I will post an EDIT remark or send you a private message.



Odd, sometimes the text is there, other times it isn't when I refresh


Maybe you need to post an over the top auction and refer to the lava lite! LOL!

Yeah Bohdan's right the bears are marching.

It was the album artwork on the back cover for Bear's Choice, their ninth album.

Always liked them a lot.



OOOh that is so cool!!!  I don't even listen to the Greatful Dead and I still think it's cool....
Wow - grateful dead wine? Are they 28% alcohol 72% lsd?! (That's probably where the bears came from...)

Bohdan said:
I have a few bottles of  Grateful Dead Red wine. I wonder if I could get $1,000.00 each for them.

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