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The lady wont ship and stopped talking to me. Anyone from Houston want to do me a favor? I'll pay for your time!

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yeah i seen this the other day your right about them not being willing to ship i tried hard lol
yeah snake is all i need left to complete the safari series...
I saw it yesterday morning and damn near soiled myself lol. I want that chocolate globe badly. All I got out of her was "no shipping." I replied back asking if doubling the price would change her mind. Getting no response back didnt I guess...
is it a chocolate globe or black ??
o mike look hard lol

well i was going to say don't hate the player hate the game, but jokes on me ....

the 1 is faded / gone it turned out to be a damn cranberry!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How much did you pay? At least you got the snake skin base.
20 bucks for the lamp, 20 for packing by usps ( because the seller as you may know was a slow kid lol ) and 10 for shipping and the price for a express letter to get them a check fast for the "yeah it looks brown / like chocolate " lamp yay me lol o and the paint on the cap is all chipped and cracked so i got screwed, o well.....
That sucks. The most important question to ask is "whats the large number on the bottle cap?" The flow looks good. The lava looks really dark for a cranberry. Did he have more lamps to sell? The snake skin only came with black or chocolate. Maybe he has the globe for it?
"The snake skin only came with black or chocolate." That's y i didn't ask, big mistake lol. Yeah she said she has a few more lamps, "but there is no way i'm doing this anymore it was to much trouble" she said, and no kidding she was difficult as hell. It would be worth it if she would give the thing to me lol. ( k well maybe if it was chocolate )
I'll be posting a MIB snake with a #16 on e-Bay by this Friday...

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