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Anyone here ever try putting some simi transparent multi colored glass marbles in a lavalamp bottel (maybe enough to cover the bottom with 1 layer of marbles) so that the light coming from the bottom up through the marbles would change color and therefore the appearance of the lava color?

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If you're just going for coloring you can paint the bottom of the globe, or maybe even the bulb you use (to preserve the globe in case you want a change)

They do make transparent paint but I don't have a link.

Yes I was considering a high temp paint for the bulb, had not thought of painting the bottom of the globe.

Nice to have options.

Thanks analoghaze 

I'll keep that heat absorption in mind.

Painting the globe is the best way to color the light but the marbles idea does sound interesting - could make for some funky effects that painting does not. I would say give it a go and post pictures.

It also occurred to me that round marbles might roll around or get moved by the wax and make annoying clicking sounds. So I'm considering large flat bottom large glass beads.

Hi,    I have done this but not for color for volume.   Got a glitter wizard with really low fluid level and

had no other lamps of that type or time.   I put 2 layers of clear round marbles in kind of tightly packed

and it fixed the fluid level.  But I do wonder about the interaction between wax, marbles and a coil. 

I may have to try it and see.... I got the marbles!   I did keep an eye on the final fluid level once it was

fully heated to make sure I didn't get it too high.  I have had the experience of blowing the cap off

my first glitter from Kirk.  Was having a problem with my capper since resolved.  But I still have glitter

on my ceiling.

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