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Hi all, hopefully someone might know what this is...

It looks pretty cool i reckon...

Thanks in advance

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It is a cool looking lamp!! Looks very similar to the English Crestworth 1960's/70's Astro Baby lamp. If I remember rightly I was told they are an Australian made lamp but there is a connection to Crestworth. The bottle could have been made by the same British manufacturer...
Love the base switch. Shame they don't ship to the UK.
Wow thanks for the info guys - looks like this might be a good one to go for :)
I wondered if it had some connection to Crestworth cos it sure does look a lot like one...

Wish me luck - I'm bidding for sure!
Got it! Woo hoo! Nice price too - $81 AUD - bit of a bargain I reckon.
I'll post some photos once it turns up, just have to suffer through the process described in Vixen Gypsies blog...

Thanks again for all the info guys - it's much appreciated.

Cheers all,
Too cool! Congrats, Resz!
It's a "Lockwood" lamp.

Very nice lamps.
That is a gorgeous lamp, Fog, and congrats on the grab, Reszound! Fog, can you tell us a bit about yours? Did it come with instructions, or does the box list colors? And is it (I assume) a slow glitter?
No instructions, unfortunately.

Indeed, it's a slow glitter.

Thanks for the warm wishes everyone! This is my first truly collectable score so it's extra exciting to find out that it has such an interesting history - it's amazing how knowledgeable you guys are, thanks again for sharing all the info.

Hey Fog that lamp looks incredible! It looks in stunning condition and the shots are great :) I bet the sellers didn't ever think that it would end up on the other side of the world all this time later. Btw Glenferrie Road Hawthorn is in Melbourne - I used to live not too far from there back in my student days at Melbourne Uni... ah the memories... good times...

Judging by the 6 digit phone number it was quite some time ago too - we're up to 8 now - 10 with area code...

I can't wait to fill you guys in on the details once this lamp turns up, should be just 3 more sleeps...

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