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anyone looking to start a little side business with lava lamps?

Well i finally did a quick inventory of what i have left and thought maybe i could do a bulk sale to someone looking to start a business or ebay sales business. I have these
1 case 4pk 3411
1 and 1/2 cases with 6pr/case of 1003
3 6pk cases of 1205
1 4pk case of 84421
5 4pk cases of 1319/1312
1 4pk case of 1425
1 4pk case of 1624
1 4pk case 8421
1 4pk case 1403
1 4pk case 1621
1 4pk case 1624
1 4pk case 8425
1 4pk case 9920
1 4pk case 3710
1 4pk case of 1425

I also have about 66 lamps still in boxes, just not in cases, these include a few icons, 52oz, rockets, 32oz, resin, flourescents, wizards, glitters and such. so thats about 150 lamps in a box between the cases and what i have in boxes. PLUS

then finally i have about 30-50 misc lamps, a few old, few new, just a bunch of loose lamps on racks.

I would love to make a bulk sale and maybe help both of us out. Let me know if you are serious or have questions. Im located in michigan as im sure you would wanna pick them up? but shipping not out as long as the buyer is paying. bandcbryant@yahoo.com



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yes, thats me. Yes, i have let the site go as i havent been into lava lamps for a while so i stopped paying the hosting fee's, sorry. As for my collection, or my collecting. I seem to go in 'phases' and when im into something, im pretty into it. But as most hobbies do, lava collecting has been replaced by other things. New hobbies, and new kids in fact. I really enjoyed collecting and their was/is a lot of great people to meet. But, as you can see by my post that im really looking to clear out my basement and free up some space and that is why im trying to sell off what i have left. Im sure if someone was intersted there is a lot of money to made with the stuff, i just dont want to take the time to list 1 at a time.
Thanks and good luck to you!
I am definitely interested in possibly buying in bulk from you. I am most interested in older non-chinese lamps. The icons, 52oz, 32oz, flourescents, wizards, and glitters interest me the most. I can not decipher the four digit numbers you list as 4pack cases. I would need to know what I was buying. When you say bulk, how many do I need to buy at once? 10, 15, 20? Please let me know what exactly you are selling listed as sizes and colors (eg: Liquid/Lava color and base combos). Maybe you could post some photos, this would probably be less time consuming for you than listing everything in detail.
3411 is flower resin
6pk 1003 USA Blue 320z Flourescent
3 cases 6pks of 1205 USA Orange Flourescent
4pk 8421 32oz midnight red/purple. Not sure if they were still usa or not.
5 cases of 4pk 1319/1312 USA Flourescent Green
4pk 1425 52oz Purple/Yellow Black Aristo
4pk 1624 52oz Blue/Yellow USA Silver Aristo
4pk 8421 32oz Red/Purple Midnight(not sure if USA or not)
4pk 1403 52oz USA Blue/White Black base Aristo
4pk 1621 52oz USA purple/Red Silver Aristo
4pk 1624 52oz USA Blue/Yellow Silver Aristo
4pk 8425 32oz purple/yellow midnight(not sure if usa)
4pk 9920 Phazing lamps
4pk 3710 52oz USA Americana Lamp Red/Clear
4pk 1425 52oz Purple/yellow Black aristo base.
Icons, clown, toad, jester,
wizards, all of them
maybe 4-6 rockets(USA) still in box. Many lamps, what you thinking?OH, the 4 digit number is the model/color number, you used to be able to look those numbers up somewhere, but i listed the colors to save the trouble.
I would be interested in the Flourescent Lamps, maybe a case each of the Blue and Orange, Also very interested in the Flourescent Green ones, is that right that you have both 1319 and 1312?- I would want at least a case each of those. For wizards, you list all of them, what does that mean, do you have the glitter ones, I would be interested in those, maybe in Green, Yellow, Orange, Multicolored, basically any colors but Red, Purple, or Teal. Finally, I would probably take all the icons you have. Please give me some more details on how many of each of the icons you have and what specific wizards you have. I would like to make a deal with you. I am going to friend request you so I can send you messages directly to work all this out.
you can email me directly at bandcbryant@yahoo.com. As for the wizards, i only have them in glitter, i remember i had atleast one full set of colors, and maybe 2. as for icons, like i said i only have about 4 of those left. as for the green flourescents, yes i saw 1 or 2 cases of the 1312 and i think 3 cases of the 1319. anyway, drop me a line and let me know what your thinking. i would prefer to sell in bulk though so im not really that into getting one or 2 lamps out at a time otherwise i would just start relisting them.

Thanks again.
No worries, I will want to order in bulk for certain. I will email you directly now to work out the details. Thanks.
I sent you an e-mail on the 7th and have not heard back, did you get it?
hi, sorry did not get it. try again, bandcbryant@yahoo.com thanks again.
I don't get it, that is where I sent it, I even triple checked it to make sure it was correct. Can you check your spam? I have sent it for a third time just now. I also friend requested you on here, I can send you a Direct message on here once you accept me as a friend. If you still can't find the e-mail I sent maybe I can just send the same message to you through this site as a Personal Message. Let me know.
I got your e-mail this morning and I replied- I hope that reply did not end up in your junk folder again- if so you might want to add me to your address book, or accept my friend request on this forum. I just wanted to make sure you got that e-mail.

Talk to you soon...
Replied again after this, at around 7:30pm on April 10th, 2009 to a message I received from you at 3:27pm. Haven't heard from you, so I assume the message is in junk again.

sorry, not sure why you keep getting dumped to my junk folder, i thought i fixed it. anyway, the previous email must have gotten deleted, can you please resend to bandcbryant@yahoo.com thanks again.



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