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Hi, folks!

 Today my new NEO arrives, which i will post some images in the next days, but i also ordered a new ASTRO bottle - and i was surprised cause they´ve slightly changed their shape.

As you can see on the pics, they applied some kind of edge at the lower part of the bottle. The part from the bottom to the edge is the standard size of the ASTRO. Above that the bottle is a few millimeters thicker than the old ones.


The bottle is now "in line" with the side of the  base (both old and new versions). the "edge" at top of the base (if you use an old sized, smaller bottle) has gone.


In the new ASTRO base with support ring, the bottle still stands on the ring.

In the old base without support ring, the bottle now lays on its own edge instead of sitting "in" the base.

What´s definitely better now is that you don't have to "center" the bottle anymore. It now sits perfect horizontally in the base.

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What is the quality like. I am not a fan of the new bottles, they looks like they are cheap glass with tonnes of air bubbles and marks. How are yours? Also the ledge gap annoys me as it doesn't sit well in older lamps.

Also what is it with so little wax? Do your new bottles do the usual Mathmos flow or are they more blobby?

Hi, Adara!

I ordered the blue/blue Astro bottle together with an orange/yellow NEO this monday and i have to say im VERY pleased with the quality of both. But lets talk about the Astro...

First the amount of wax is the same as always. On the image it has moved in the bottle during its transport, the pic was taken straight out of the box before its first run. Also the flow is great, it forms nice bubbles but in great long shapes, hard to describe, its a "smooth" flow. I will post some images in a few minutes. Btw i use a classic 40w lightbulb, no fancy halogen stuff...

The bottle itself is very good with almost no bubbles or marks (same for the NEO), but i also have (older) bottles that are just crap. This time i was lucky .

I have tested the fit with a early 2016 polished Astro base (support ring) and now its in a 1994 Astro base (Mathmos labeled, satin finish - not the later strong brushed ones) and it fits perfect. But i have not tested older Crestworth bases yet.

Overall im pretty happy with the quality of THIS two new bottles, but i also have two Astros from last year that are def. not that good.

Hi Markus. That is good to know. I have had a few bottles from them lately that have been a bit rubbish so I was worried about buying anything new.

I like the new shape! The recessed part makes the whole thing look seamless, when the base and globe are together. :)

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