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Need a cap for an AstroBaby if anyone has a spare, condition not too important as its going to be flocked.




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Mathmos sell them separate I bought mine for just over £5.

Babynoggin- yeh i know they sell them but its almost £10 with postage and im not paying that for something im going to flock, was hoping someone had a scratched one they could send me if i covered the cost of postage, thanks anyway tho.


Crestworthfan - will drop you a line in a sec!

Yes that is a lot of money, just to flock it.

Hey Dan


I have a spare baby cap if you still need one pm me ur address and i'll send it on.


Hope all good :0



Hey Spence,


Sorry for the really late reply, ive managed to get hold of one but many thanks for your kind offer.


All the best


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