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Wanting an aztec

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Moderately rare lamp, but they do come up on eBay on occasion.  Now is a good time to be looking as vintage lava seems to be selling at pretty low prices.  I caution that you will need to know what to your looking for as most sellers likely won't list it as an "Aztec".  You will need to to really look through the listing and identify one by sight.

I have one myself, but it is currently not for sale.  I love me some "sun gold" lava and the Aztec is the only way to get it.

Welcome to the site Jared.  The more you get to know folks on the site, more doors will open to you on lamps to acquire. 

Thanks Jim I forgot to ask about saturna and alladian

There are many who what an Aztec….including me!  Good luck in your quest!

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