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Hello everyone, i'm new to the forum!

I wanted to ask what is the general consensus on the best lamps still for sale inside shops (Mathmos? Lava Lite? Which models?)

What are the most sought after colours? What are YOUR favourite colours/models still for sale nowadays?

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Fwiw..the bottles are 30% off...so not 130 euros, actually 91 euros...this offer has been on for quite a long time now...

Fernando Nicotera said:

Well Idk,  as I said i'm new to this hobby and i don't have cloudy lavas nor i know if this clouding thing is something that bad if you don't shake the lamp itself. The thing is, if you need to buy a good lamp (something that retains its value) for your house, you WILL spend that amount of money... May be it a centerpiece in a bedroom or something in your living room, so the price is fair and it's something that no one has. Lava lamps are something that no one I know has got in their house(I live in italy, idk if they are that popular in other countries). Even a common astro or baby astro catches the eye in whatever room you place it.

Edit: I've checked and on mathmos website the bottles are 130 euros

Tim Bartlett said:

Well, this is the thing, they do sell bottles for the IO...the same bottles as for the Lunar, and they are only £70 / $85 at the moment, which I think is quite reasonable. The hour limit doesn’t bother me so much...i guess it might if I found bottles expiring often, but I don’t have experience of this either...yet!

IOs are so much money though I don’t know if I will ever be able to justify it :)

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