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Hi there

As lunar is nearly to old to get one i am looking for something similar. i saw colossum but cant find any of them on ebay. Whats the tallest Lamp i can order at the moment?


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Yes I did misspell it

Damn auto correcx

Borosilicate Glas

Otherwise, know as the substandard version called  Pyrex

Jon said:

Never heard of thst b4.. nore is it on google.. Did you misspell it .

where can i buy colossus? afaik all are sold already

Windshields are laminated glass so when they break they don't dissect your head

QUALITY Glitter fluid is expensive, it's not just water

Cheaper versions simply stop running or the glitter decomposes in a few months

Here is what happens when you apply too much heat to regular Glass 

Also, bear in mind the USD price is due to the wild variance of exchange rates of currency.


Jon said:

So a 2 gallon rocket glitter lamp is near 500 usd... Is the glitter made of gold ?   All glass has heat resistance.. its not these lamps will be at 300f in some lab experiement beaker then imediatly tossed into a bath of freezing water or liquid nitroge.. Even then.. windshields on a car can be covered in ice.. you can toss boiling water on them and nothing will happen.  

Sorry i just dont see the justification of the price ? but im probably ignorant

I know how much currencies go for lol.

As for your exploding lamp, how hot did you get it ?  Ive boiled a few 52oz lamps where the wax started boiling itself and then i poured ambient water in them..  Thats over 200f but thsi is with the tops off so honestly how hot did that lamp actually get..   The grandes so far for me have only gotten to 126f.. and your globe probably broke due to inside pressure caused by the heat because your cap looks like its on.. Not the heat itself.  The bulb against the glass i can understand yes

Also the windshield thing, you need to read what i said again.  I said if you have a frozen windshield and toss hot water on it, it wont break unless the glass has a hole in it from a rock or something..   I didnt say why the glass didnt shatter, i said it didnt break at all.   I work on cars like you do lava lamps i know what laminated glass is..  

NOW if you pour cold water on a HOT windshield it will crack.. lol


I was using a heating element, not a lamp

But this has happened with a light bulb in the past as well

The volume is more than a 52oz, thus the expansion is greater as well

The point is, Different types of glass cost different amounts of money

Yea i hear ya.. zim not arguing.. i just like to debate facts lol and opinions lol

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