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Okay, I know they'd fade faster over time, but I was wondering about putting Black Lights in my lava lamps. I have my 5 lamps going, and they were getting a bit warm, so I decided to turn the lights off for a few minutes. I realized that I like them much better with dimmer light for some reason. And I think blacklight would just look cool anyway :)
I'm actually going to try frosted bulbs as soon as possible for that reason, also. But was just curious of they sold lava lamp size blacklight bulbs.
Thanks :)

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Smalled black bulb I have seen are the standard house bulb size. A bulb like that really isn't a black light. It's an incandescent lamp painted purple basically. True black light can only be had from fluorescent lamps.
Hmm, how about those faux blacklights then? Would probably provide interesting light, and might not even fade the lamps like a true blacklight would :)
As far as I know, no, there are no lava lamp-suitable blacklight bulbs. :(

The closest blacklight things I have seen relating to lava lamps are the non-lava blacklight 'lava lamp' with a plastic purple base and a place to pop in a small curved fluorescent bulb, and some blacklight reactive 32 oz. globes and bases that came out close to the end of the 'glory days' of Lava World. I happen to be an owner of the blacklight 'lava lamp'...and my personal opinion of it? Save your cash...the blacklight emitted from that thing doesn't come close to being as impressive as a larger fluorescent fixture you can get for about half the price. Not to mention that you can't find replacement bulbs anywhere. The only worthwhile thing is the actually rather nifty 40th anniversary poster that comes with the lamp, but you can get that separately.

BTW, being someone who has quite a few blacklights alongside lava and glitter lamps in her 'psychedelic lair', and has had such a setup for quite sometime, I have yet to see any signs of the lamps' colors 'fading'. But if I see anything noticable, I'll certainly mention it.

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