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Black Water - White Lava - Clear Water - Coral Reef Lava

Two new projects I am screwing around with tonight.  Black water and white lava.  I like this one. As the lava rises, it gets darker and darker.  Looks like a multi-colored globe.  Different.

And one with coral reef colored lava.  Vibrant!

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They’re looking good! Lava Lite did a black fluid lamp about six years ago and it was quite a fun combo.  What dye did you use for your fluid coloring to get the black?

I remember Lava Lamp had the black fluid Batman lamp and the Damask lamp.  I have one of the Damask lamps and the effect is okay.  Yours looks great.

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 I used Mcormick food coloring.

Thanks.  I have used that before too but found it to look dark purple.  Does yours look blackish?

From some angles it looks black, others it looks dark purple.  I have had the same issue with "black" wax dye.

yes dark purple and black are almost the same thing

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