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Hey all - will 30 watt bulbs work well for 52 and 32 oz globes with goo kit wax?

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I'd think so.

I just made this lamp with the new Magna Tower Goo kit and a 40w bulb would only make the wax dome up at the base. I then bumped up to a 60w bulb, and now it flows perfectly. A 30w bulb may be a little too small for the 52oz. 

Did they change there wax fromula?

They may have, just a little. I did four 52oz Goo kits last year, and they all worked great with the 40w bulb. I've made two 52oz Goo kits with the new formula, this year, and the 40w bulb just makes the wax dome up.    
Metallica man said:

Did they change there wax fromula?

ok, thanks for the info.  my 52 will "dome" for quite some time before it starts to flow, but the 32 is definitely overheating.  i just want to be sure that i'm not overheating the wax so that these kits will last.

do you all know of a place that stocks 30 watt appliance bulbs?  i checked menard's the other day, but they didn't have them.  i may have to special order them from the internet.

Here's one more Goo kit that I did last year, and it works like a dream with a 40 watter. As far as getting a certain bulb, try www.bulbtown.com

thanks for the site, and that is a great looking lamp!

i just did 2 52ozs last night. one flows perfect on a 40 watt frosted and the other overheats and they are both from the same batch of wax. 

that's strange, tiffany!

yeah it is, they are both in the same style bases and same era screw top bottles. the only difference is the colors, yellow/clear and blue/clear. the blue/clear is the one that needs a dimmer. the yellow ran beautifully all day without one. maybe its because the blue is a darker color and absorbs more heat???

Table lamps dimmers are also a great way to control gookit wax not to mention you can dim multiple lamps at once with one dimmer. Cheaper and easier to come by then 30watt appliance bulbs :)

They do seem to switch the formula up a lot. I made a few 52 oz with 2 different goo kit containers, once was seems fine the other seems not to turn opaque like they should its weird.

i might try dimming multiple lamps with one dimmer, but the 30 watt bulb idea still isn't out.  i just don't like having the extra cord lying around.  i also considered the in-line dimmers, but they are bulky and don't hide well.

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