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Hello all, anyone ever heard of bottlecap 25B? It's off a Blip I have. Looks like a yellow/clear liquid.


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Technically not. CD is uncompressed PCM audio, MiniDisc uses ATRAC compression, which is similar to MP3. I still like the format, and I cannot hear the difference much myself.

Emil D. Nguyen said:

So the audio fidelity is better than CD? 

At that latitude it will probably still take a while.  Some members here who live in the norther USA have challenges fading globes.  Sunny days matter but so does the angle of the sun, that's why summer is the fastest time for fading globes.

I've put it in the windowsill where the video game was when it faded. Beginning tomorrow, I'll take note of how long it takes, if it does fully fade. If I don't forget 

Don't you think if we used our combined brainpower on something other than lava lamps, we could make the world a perfect place?

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