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Hey, all. New member, first post.

I bought (through pictures, no hands-on) what I thought was a twin to what I think is a Century 100 I have (with the star light base). The original has a black cord and no id markings that I can tell. It is a single piece base and takes a 40w bulb.

The new one is a two-piece base, much older looking white cord, star light holes, no markings that I can see to id, and the bottle is stuck into the base with some kind of goo. I thought it was a gasket of some sort. I've shimmied a blade down between the base and the glass and picked out some of it after the lamp was on for hours. It's dark, opaque, slightly gummy. and it's got the damn thing stuck in there pretty darn tight =(

There's a small rough mark where someone tried to pry the bottle out at some point (I'll try to fix that at some point (it's tiny, but bugs me).

I'm not clear what else to try and do besides shimmying a thin blade in, and trying for hours to see if I can pick away at it enough to free the bottle.

Has anyone else ever come across this?

Thanks for the help and advice!


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Prying on it to get it out, as well as trying to cut it out could bend and damage the metal.  Which sucks because the base is the older and more rare style.  One thing you could try is using a hair blow dryer on it, by pointing the flow of hot air to where the goop is might loosen it enough to release the globe.  

Hope this helps!

Hi Steve am new also , am not sure what age the lamp is also , I am interested in how this turns out , like Keith said heat will remove adhesive, I use a heat gun to take price stickers off with  out leavening stickiness on it , just go slow if you goona try . maybe you can post a pic of what it looks like to help us get an idea of the issue . Good luck and hope it goes well! 

I'll post some pictures later.

I'll move it downstairs to where the other one is, so I can give you lot a comparison, too.


Thank u also , and good luck , one thing am thinking about if you use heat on this , where will it go when it melts 

am not seen many older lamps but that’s carzy one is glued to the base how can you change the bulb ? 

crazy = I know, right?

I believe this had been in a relative's trailer for YEARS, and a grandson was cleaning it out. The cord is disgusting. I'm guessing the seller tried to get the top off, but at some point the owner glued it down. Given the background in the pictures of the trailer... I'm guessing it was done to keep the thing intact if it fell over into the refuse [ugh].

That story is definitely funny , so I it’s a custom job lol . Now I definitely can’t wait to see it , I have lamp that’s old also with a white cord but the sticker with the date is faded , they said maybe late 70s early 80s but who knows .

 Later I’ll post a pic of my cord so we can compare if you want , 


Sorry for the blurry photos.

Lens had a smudge.

The pale one with cloudy water and the white cord is the 2 piece.

The video is after it was on for 5 hours. By that point, my other lamps usually start to form the single glob and lose flow. The newer version with the gold tone base is better about that, but not as good as this new/old one!

I like the flow a lot ! I just got this lamp it looks pretty similar, the sticker is faded with the date though I’ll post pic s. Also how did you try getting that glue out ? 

that’s chip is so tiny also , maybe you can turn so you don’t see it . I really like the lamp . 

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