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Bought a UK Lamp. I’m in the US. Question about bulb/voltage differences

Hey all,

as the topic states...

ive got the plug converter but quickly realized the bulb is very dim. 
obviously it’s due to the lamp (bulb) being a 30W, 240v. 


what’s the better way to do this?

get a transformer or find a 120v 30w bulb?

id rather find the bulb. Problem is the E14 base is impossible to find in a 120v option.

ideas? Opinions?

Fyi lamp I bought has an E14 base, R39 Bulb, 30W. 

thanks all! :) 

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It sounds like your just using a plug adapter.

Your still getting 110 volts from the USA outlet and you need 220 volts for your UK lamp.

You can either rewire the lamp and then use a 110 volt bulb with it ( hard )


Use a power converter that will up convert the USA 110 volts to the 220 volts that your UK made lamp requires ( easy )  


We have an in depth article about this topic in our Lava Library.


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