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 Long story short my daughter brought  home this lava lamp for me she found at our local D.A.V today. Lol she told me it was weird and it, needed to join our lava lamp clan.

She bought it for $5  its a lava lite silver starship but I have no idea of what year color seems to be a pinky red lava color in clear fluid., codes are as follows  14 bigger letters then 0011121p second line 120200A, base is complete with cap no scuffs on lid or base . Problem is the wax looks chunk and I can not get it to flow. It acts like it wants to wax goes 1/2 up in a blob and stops no flow.  (see pic)Their was a bulb in it but could it be the wrong bulb ? looks like the bulb is the same as the one in my mega black and white damask lava lamp. Is it to hot to cold?  I'm at a loss on this one any help would be appreciated! Would love to get this one up and running!

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chunky wax pic

I have one similar to this, and sadly there's not a whole lot you can do. I use a 60 watt with a dimmer on mine it works, but flow isn't anything special. If you want to keep it chunky I'd get a 60 watt clear with a dimmer. If you don't like that try a Gookit or get Kirk to make you a custom glitter. Also there are a few methods including boiling, but in my experience it does not work most of the time. 14 is the cap code for clear liquid pink wax as well.

$5 is a great deal for a starship.  i'd keep running it.  maybe twirl the globe on a flat surface back and forth when the wax is hot.  i had a blue/white with 'chunky' wax one time, and running it took care of the problem.  i think globes do this when they are stored for long periods of time.

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