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OK, so we have all seen it on the news, lightbulbs as we know it are being phased out, so I thought a little brainstorming was in order, what else can we use to power our lava lamps? Solar power? Fan powered lava lamps? Or should I just set fire to a hamster and trap it under my Astro?

It is quite a serious worry in my brain...

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I thought I read that the Johnny Magma lamps were based on some type of heater.
With the most recent post it seemed that the heater and led combination would work.

Perhaps some form of candle and leds?
Well I have heard that Mathmos aren't worried and have a solution up their sleeve, the heater and LED sounds viable, and would probably last AGES compared to regular bulbs.
I happen to have a whole box of the Green, Red & Blue bulbs from the 3in1's astros.
Only thing is I run then on 120V so I never get to use them.
I suppose one day they will be highly coveted.
LOL, I was thinking of squirreling bulbs, but people already think I am insane for having as many lava lamps.
They make ceramic infrared heating elements that screw into regular light bulb bases. These are designed for the heating of pet reptiles, but they may make lower wattage ones.
Seems what they had "up the sleeve" was the candle lit lamps. Yet, I recently received a reply from them saying that a) they can keep selling their stock of normal lightbulbs until 2012 and that b) they have a very similar "oven grade" lamp they can sell after that.
I make of that, that the regular "oven grade" lightbulbs available now do not fall under the future prohibition...
I remember seeing the pics of this and it looked pretty cool. Have you tried a Mathmos bottle on the base at all...?
We already solved this problem. We have patented everything around using LEDs in water motion lamps. We will soon be offering universal bases that you will be able to set your existing lamps on and you will never have to change a bulb again. The beginning of next year we are rolling out our 30 inch tall color changing lamp. It changes 7 different colors via remote control and respond to music. We already offer our 7 foot tall 23 gallon color changing model.


Magma Tower - "The movement in dynamic motion lighting."

Yeah thats cool, but what about our classic lamps? All of us want to keep our bases.
And also, no offense, your "lava" always looks too "floopy"
The universal base is just a starting point. We have a great team here at Magma Tower and we are working on making a kit for a full change over but it is very tricky. We will eventually get it and I am sure it will be before 2012.


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