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Hi everyone!

I managed to find a nice green spherical glass jar (about 9-15 litres) to use as a practice before I try my glass head. I'm looking for a good alternative to Brakleen (used in the Retro Basic Formula) as the shipping from Ebay international proves quite alot since I'm looking to do this on a pretty small budget, any suggestions as to what alternatives there are would be great thanks

Also what is the best way to attach coils to the bottom of the container for the ooze, and what would you suggest is the best wattage to use to heat it? The base is around 15-20cm diameter, and around 30-40cm at the mid point, and as I said I think itd probably hold around 9-15 litres but I'll check this soon

Cheers guys :)

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Greg, I live in the USA so can't answer your question directly. But the chemical you extract from the Brakleen aerosol can is perchloroethylene aka PERC. The following are synonyms for this chemical: ethylene tetrachloride; tetrachloroethene; perchloroethylene; carbon bichloride; carbon dichloride. Unless UK has banned PERC, you should be able to find it. The reason Brakleen is so convenient here in the US is because it is the only way to buy PERC in small quantities cheaply. I would suggest first you go to your auto supply store, with a magnifying glass, and read the ingredients on brake cleaning products to see if you find one with PERC. Not all brake cleaning products have PERC.

You will NOT create acceptable Lava the first time you try using the Retro Basic Formula (RBF). The RBF is like a souffle recipe that reveals only the souffle ingredients but not the process for making a soufle. Very frustrating but after trial and error you will eventually figure it out. But not the first try or the second or the third.

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