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Brand new batch of Fantasia Cosmos 2 lamps for sale soon

Well, never did i think after building the first Fantasia Cosmos 2 lamp that I would not only regret that sale but also the amount of requests I have gotten over the past few years from multiple sources to please build more. So I decided to invest in the project and have a whole new batch built, each one by me right here in my home, (4 total). My inspiration and motivation to build even the first one came from the endless hunt for a Cosmos lamp only to miss out on every opportunity that came my way. I finally decided to put my creative mind to work and got busy. As a visionary I knew exactly what i wanted my Cosmos to look like. Once it came together I knew i had gotten it right. As a matter of fact I had been talking with George Stadnik one of the prior designers for Fantasia as he was helping new with ideas for getting the sprays built. Anyhow I showed him what I had built, my version of the Cosmos. He said to me

"That is truly amazing! That looks like something people would love and a perfect example of what a more modern version of the Cosmos would look like today if we were still in business producing these lamps, kudos to you my friend!"

I will be listing these for sale on ebay in July sometime. I also would be willing to entertain doing a sale through here if anyone is interested. It would have tob a Paypal transaction only. These lamps are built with only the highest quality parts all brand new of course and contain original Fantasia internal workings and sprays. 

These lamps were former Sunburst 4000 lamps aquired either brand new or in top pristine condition, it's the only way I will make these lamps. I do not cut any corners or spare any expense in these builds.

The Cosmos 2 if you didn't already know has not only the beautiful top enclosed fiber optic light show but also a LED light show that is completely optional and can work in combination with the upper fiber optic light show giving you an amazing light show effect with unique color combinations. It also can go to the beat of music with the included remote control. There are many options, change colors, keep them solid, your choice! These lamps have had detail put in at every angel. It is certainly not like the original Cosmos in so many ways. All booklets and care documents will be included in the sale of these lamps along with a spare bulb, extra custom designed color wheels, should your mood change. The stands are being offered in two colors, all chrome and a beautiful dark bronze with chrome, looks amazing in person vs pictures.

I will be building custom shipping crates for these lamps, they will be carefully and meticulously packed to assure a safe and ready to enjoy condition to your home. They will be shipping freight when sold via UPS or Fedex.

If you want any other information or details leading up to the launch of these guys please feel free to message me anytime. I try and respond within a day or two. 

Don't miss out on your chance to own one of these beautiful lamps. Especially because Fantasia is out of business and is no longer producing lamps.

Check out a sneek peek at the progress on two of the four lamps bearing the homestretch! They just need to be wired up and then they will be ready, all new wiring, switches and plug ends will be installed on these.

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This lamp just sold! I may have one other one available if the deal falls through with a close friend of mine. I wont know for a few weeks though. It will sell for $2,000.00 plus shipping & Handling, unless you are local in Florida in which case I am ok with local pick up.

Laurent said:

Really beautifull.

How much this project will be sold ?


I have one last Cosmos for sale! Pictures to come soon. I am avoiding listing this on eBay, so this community has an opportunity at it first. I will make a custom shipping crate to get the lamp to you safely. Respond below or message me if you are seriously interested in the lamp. It surely is unique and you will be in an elite group to own one of only three built!

Let me tell you. This Cosmos lamp is the best purchase I have made in ages. In the last six months, I got a kitten, a puppy, a promotion at work, and my wife lost 40 pounds. This Cosmos Fantasia from Joe is the best thing in those six months. And that shipping crate? Get. out. of. here. That dude put almost as much detail in his shipping crate as this beautiful Fantasia lamp. 

I can't recommend this enough.  

Thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! I really do try and put as much detail and quality into everything i do. I want the finished product to be as polished and as impressive as I can get it!  I'm glad that was reflected not only in the Cosmos 2 but also in the efforts of the shipping crate to get the lamp safely to you. Thank you again and am glad to hear you are enjoying the lamp. That makes me very happy to hear!

Would love to get one of these 

So you build these. This is absolutely incredible. I saw the one on eBay and thought it was something they made back in the day to promote them. I have a Fantasia 4000 and about flipped out when I saw it. I would love to get one of these. How do I do that? On ozzinggoo under Ziggy. Still learning the website so it will take me awhile to figure it out. Let me know what it cost to have one of these made. Thank you

How much?

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