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The lava (not the liquid) in my lamp is full of what looks like air bubbles. Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

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I wish I did. :( I have a couple of lamps like this and to date, I don't know that anyone here knows of a fix for it.

you have to run your lamp at a lower temp (dimmer switch)


Would running my green-yellow smart astro bottle on a dimmed astro base help get some bubbles out. ive run it for 5 runs on its led base and its got worse and not better. i do know the smart bottles run at lower temperature so i must dim it enough to not cook it !

or should i contact mathmos and see if they will replace it.?

I've had small success with this method but I've had success with it so it's a option. But take out the fluid and boil the wax, in the bottle still, with a pot of boiling water to completely melt the wax down. LEt it cool and re-add the fluid and see if that helps. This usually works with clumpy wax but when I tried this myself it removed the clumps as well as the air bubbles.


But honestly If the globe is new I would just return and get a replacement.

hi there goo heads :) iv'e found that boiling gently for a time then cooling then adding water with a touch of salt then venting the hydrogen and oxygen from the water using wire and power has quite an effect on bubble eradication ...well anythings worth trying lol... oh and be sure to remove the hydrogen froth too :)

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