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I know there are people here in the forum who have close links to Mathmos and other manufacturers.
But what is in the future with all the Mathmos Lavalamps. Have anyone of you a meaningful statement from Mathmos to this issue. I´ve read that in the future there is a cluster of LED´s with a heating coil around it. I was on the Mathmos internetside but there isn´t a statement to this issue. Instead Mathmos produce a special edition of the legendary Astro lamp. And no statement what is in the future. This status say to me that i can order original Mathmos bulbs after a long time. I´m really uncertain.
What is with 100W Lunar bulbs??? According to this chart the 100W bulb and over are ban in September. Can anyone help me??? Must I buy ten 100W Lunar bulbs to use my Lunar in the future?

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I emailed Mathmos on this subject, and got the following reply;


Yes Mathmos are aware of this change over and have a solution in process
for when this happens.

There is no need to worry about this at the moment.


Mathmos Ltd

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From: ***********************************
Sent: 11 June 2009 19:39
To: Mathmos General
Subject: Enquiry


The proposed ban on the sale of incandescent light bulbs in the EU,
currently due to be complete by 2012 keeps being raised on the Lava Lamp
collectors forums. Can you tell me what Mathmos knows about this, and
whether replacement bulbs will continue to be available for Lava Lamps
after this date. Please let me know whether or not you object to me
posting this email and your response on the "oozinggoo.com" forum.
Perhaps a statement on your website might be a good idea?.

Thank you for your time

I believe the following to be the case, at least with the UK interpretation of the regulations, to be the
case, although I could be wrong, probably still safest to stockpile!.

1). The EU has not yet come to any decision about a timetable for phasing out reflector bulbs, although
they are working on it. Bulbs with a beam width below a certain angle are not covered by the ban as it
stands at the moment.

2). Appliance bulbs are exempt - there is a clear SES based 40w cooker bulb that should remain
available, and can be used in lamps that take a 40w golf ball bulb.

3). Other exemptions that may prove useful are for "rough service" bulbs, primarily at present used in
handlamps on building sites, chiller cabinets, etc. These look the same as standard GLS light bulbs,
and are the same wattages. The 40w version should be a drop in replacement for hunter lamps and the
few vintage Crestworths that take a standard GLS bulb, (as well as anywhere else in the house that you
want a traditional light bulb). Coloured bulbs are also exemt, whether that includes "daylight simulation"
and tinted bulbs, I don't know.

4), The one I have'nt found a replacement for are the SBC 40w golfballs, as used in most of the older
Crestworth lamps, as yet, althouh at least for an interim period, there are some halogen ones. Presumably we may have to change the bulb holder for an SES type and use the oven lamp, but it will destroy the authenticity of an old lamp.

Hopefully we are worrying unnecessarily, and Ebay and similar sites will be full of normal incandescent
bulbs "from China" and similar!. It will be interesting to see what happens after September, when UK online sellers have started to run out of 100w bulbs, will we see online sellers offering them from outside of the EU? Lets hope so. Stuff the EU!.
Thanks for your informations.

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